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From: Dan <>
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 23:36:18 EST

On 2/8/2007 10:26 PM, Xenon Soft wrote:
> Hi!
> How is the current status of Chat Buddy, registration
> has fixed, it's public domain or it is the same
> program which "deads" in 30 days? :( I think is a
> "must have" on Newton...
> Yours,
> Salva
> PS: Talking about chat... how many IM protocols can be
> used on Newton?

I don't know as to the status on Chat Buddy but last I knew it was still
available but I have not heard anything as of late so this might not be
the case. Doing a search I found this, which sounds like you might have
to contact him directly and perhaps arrange something.

As for IM protocols, there is Newton IM. I am not sure what protocols
it uses but last I heard there were some bugs and people were having
connection issues. I haven't tried it myself so I can't say. But there
is another program called NewtJabber I believe. And while this works
with the jabber protocol, many jabber servers have "transports" that
allow you to access other IM networks (Yahoo, AIM, ICQ etc). Each
jabber server is different and some only support certain transports,
while others support almost all.

Upon doing some further research I it looks like NewtonIM also uses
Jabber. For some reason I was thinking it only used one protocol, but I
must be confusing it with NewtonAIM which is/was a old Newton IM program
that used the AIM network and worked well till AIM changed the protocol
so that other types of clients couldn't work and since the developer had
moved on, it was never updated.

I found some more information and it is indeed jabber based. I may have
to try it out. It looks more "finished" compared to what I have been
using (though not for some time). I shall have to get both out and do a
comparison (I can tell right now thought that NewtonIM is going to take
up a lot less storage space than NewtJabber

Here is the page I found with download links This is also on UNNA
though I am not sure if it is the same version. It is possible it could
be a older version of it.


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