Re: [NTLK] newtons 120 &130

From: Rene Raggl <>
Date: Fri Feb 09 2007 - 00:49:12 EST

Hi Gladys,

Even though I live a bit further away, in the Netherlands, I hope
this helps:

The casings of the models 110/120/130 are all the same, only the
technical specs of the devices are different.

The way the backlight works on your 130 is perfectly normal. However,
if you find it disturbing there are several tools to change the
behaviour of it. I recommend searching UNNA ( for
further information (I personally use ControlPanel by Standalone

What System are you running on the Pismo? If it is OS 8.x/9.x you can
simply download good old NCU (Newton connection utilities), install
them, plug the Newton Cable into the USB/serial Adapter, and plug it
into the Newton (the cover is behind the rubber cover on the right
side of the Newton), and you should be good to go.

If you are running OS X on your Pismo you can do excactly the same,
but in place of NCU you will have to use NCX (to be found at http:// Connecting to your Laptop
using Infrared is AFAIK not possible. Anyone please feel free to
correct me...

Now, I don't know about your Canon Printer, and I don't believe that
it will work, since the 120/130 talk a different infrared "language"
than most other devices (called Sharp ASK, instead of IRDA wich would
be the standard and it is only available on the MP2000/2100/eMate).
Witch my MP2100 it worked together with a HP 990 cxi without any



Am 09.02.2007 um 05:25 schrieb gladys pérez-almiroty:

> hi to all:
> i am new to the newton. i have been wanting to get my hands on one
> and now i have 2 working unit and 2 dead ones.
> the working ones are a 1120 that has a broken battery door- i tried
> the one from the 130 and it fits perfectly- so i would like to buy
> one if somebody has a spare available. i can use it without it so
> that is not my first priority.
> the 130 does this: it boots without the back light when the button is
> pressed. when i press it a second time then the backlight comes to
> life. is that a feature or a malfunction?
> i no longer have a machine that can connect to the newtons, but i do
> have a serial to usb adapter. can i use it without causing problems?
> i have a pismo and a canon printer that have infrated connectivity.
> is this a possibility to enter data into the newton?
> a last question: is there anybody in the list in puerto rico? boston?
> tia,
> gladys

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