Re: [NTLK] 2100 Calendar dead 48022 error loosing faith

From: Rene Raggl <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 15:55:56 EST


Sorry I cannot help you about your problem, I also keep getting weird
-48xxx messages. But here are my two cents about changing platforms.

I have been a very fair deal of other PDA's. Starting with:
- a Handspring Visor Edge (sold after two weeks - not good enough)
- HP Jornada WinCE 2.0 (sold after a week - really not to use)
- Tungsten T (same fate after 6 months)
- Ericsson MC218 (laid aside after a year, it sucked that it could
not sync with my Mac at home, but it did quite well with the PC at work)
- Sony Ericsson M600i (too buggy, sold after 3 months)
- Palm TX (still have that, and in some aspects it IS great, but it's
just not the right thing)

In my opinion, even today the Newton is still unbeaten in the
following areas:
- Handwriting recognition (taking notes is far easier than on any
other platform - even though he still makes an "n" of my "r")
- form factor, yes laugh about it, but I currently carry two PDA's:
the TX for checking information on the fly and the 2100 if I need to
write something down (i.e. during a meeting). It is impossible for me
to write more than a few sentences a time with the Palm before I get
cramps in my hand.
- Usability (the whole keystroke commands and the Assist. feature)
- Battery life (my 2100 runs 2-3 weeks on one set of batteries, the
Palm TX goes 2 days on one charge, sometimes one if I use a lot of BT
and WiFi)

I hope somebody somewhen will merge the features and syncing
abilities of the TX with the user interface and HWR of the 2100,
throw in a big screen (size of 2100 would be enough) and I would be a
very, very happy man.

I strongly advise to keep your Newton, even if you want to give one
of the other platforms a try. Maybe they work for you, for me they
did only partially (I mainly use the TX for looking up information I
synced to it and to read eBooks). Believe me, you will come back.
Give it away and you will deeply regret it. Been there, done that.

I hope you can make something of it.



Am 14.02.2007 um 21:11 schrieb Martin Joseph:

> On Feb 14, 2007, at 11:51 AM, Thomas Dean wrote:
>> Maybe I'm expecting too much from the ole Newt. I need a PDA that is
>> reliable when it comes to appointment sync with my Mac.
>> Yes, my main reason is taking notes, but I need the sync. Did
>> Newtsync let me down. Did I do something wrong? Is keyspan serial
>> not the right connection method.
>> This last crash/malfunction puts me back to thinking of alternative
>> handhelds.
>> Am I expecting too much?
> Currently, I would say yes. Newtsync isn't ready for prime time in
> that regard.
> However, there is the super promising new software from Simon Bell
> called NCX which is a "replacement" from Newton connection utilities
> and seems most promising with regards to syncing (go Simon!).
> It's not there yet, but it's very promising, so you might be able
> to do what you want, real soon now.
> Marty
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