Re: [NTLK] 2100 Calendar dead 48022 error loosing faith

From: Larry Zasitko <>
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 10:35:20 EST

On Feb 14, 2007, at 2:55 PM, Rene Raggl wrote:

> I have been a very fair deal of other PDA's. Starting with:
> - a Handspring Visor Edge (sold after two weeks - not good enough)
> - HP Jornada WinCE 2.0 (sold after a week - really not to use)
> - Tungsten T (same fate after 6 months)
> - Ericsson MC218 (laid aside after a year, it sucked that it could
> not sync with my Mac at home, but it did quite well with the PC at
> work)
> - Sony Ericsson M600i (too buggy, sold after 3 months)
> - Palm TX (still have that, and in some aspects it IS great, but it's
> just not the right thing)

I.m another that has tried other PDA's
I actually started with an OMP and liked it outside of sync.
I had a Psion 3c for about a year and it worked decent, only big
problem was screen size and only input was tiny keyboard,
I tried a Psion Siena (sent to me by Psion to try) and size was fine
but everything else pretty much sucked, tiny screen, tiny keyboard
with keys that insisted on repeating.
Palm when they were first released. Sync was about the only good thing.
I found a Newton 110 of next to nothing and wife still uses it
Newton 130, bought two of these for 50.00 at the time. Still have
2100 when they were first released, think I paid 1600 for it back
then with some software. This is the one that I still use to this
day. It died before warranty was up and apple sent me a brand new one.
HP Jornada. Sync to PC was great but nothing for mac. I liked the
colour screen but again it was to small and no keyboard. I did use if
for a while so I could take autocad file out into the field to check
onsite and basically worked pretty good to scroll around the drawing.
Again screen size became the big drawback.

So I am back to the 2100. Cal sync really does not matter to me too
much. I actually put off getting a portable for a year because the
Newton did all I needed at the time. I did in the end get a toshiba
portable that died big time just off warranty, evan though when it
was still covered they replaced virtually everything in it. So I
ditched it and bought a PowerBook G4 that I use all the time.


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