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Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 14:34:10 EST

OpenMoko? Whassat?

Open = Open architecture
Mo = Mobile
ko = kommunications, and the k is a tribute to the hackers in the world.

Check out www.openmoko.org.

Announced in November, it's a totally open Linux platform supporting a
cellular device. You'll be able to install any application you want on
your device. There are thousands of Linux apps already written for
other platforms that will be available. I know it has hardware and
kernel provisions for both finger-driven applications and (of interest
to the Newton crowd) *stylus* applications.

I've already emailed Paul Guyot off line and asked him if he's
interested in getting a development platform (read: phone) from the
company for Phase 0, which is distributing free units to key players,
for experimentation with Einstein. Let's see...Einstein, a totally
open Linux platform, stylus capability and touch screen, cell phone
package, Bluetooth 2.0, ...hmmm. I haven't heard anything from Paul
yet. (BTW, no WiFi yet, but it is expected in a later release.)

My intention was for this announcement to be a *positive* news item. I
don't want to start any flame wars or 'yeah, but...' discussions on
the list. Is the screen too small for practical use? Are there other
restrictions or problems--probably, yes, but I think it could be a
step in the right direction.

If you have suggestions for the platform, I'd strongly recommend going
to their wiki (wiki.openmoko.org) and putting a suggestion on their
WISH LIST for hardware or software. Maybe you'll get what you ask for.
There are five hardware releases planned over time. The company
manufacturing the phones, FIC, is listening.

The phone is supposed to be available this month for about $350, IIRC.

Doug Parker

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