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From: Martin Joseph <>
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 15:21:08 EDT

On Jul 10, 2007, at 5:27 AM, Lord Groundhog wrote:

> ~~~ On 2007/07/09 19:09, Martin Joseph at wrote ~~~
>> On Jul 9, 2007, at 10:24 AM, wrote:
>>> Surprise, surprise! Remember the battery replacement issue with the
>>> first generation iPods?
>>> Well, the Apple product battery replacement fun is back once again:
>> This is a big bunch of fud just as it was with the ipod. Any half
>> competent tech can remove and replace these batteries and high
>> qaulity batteries are available for much less then from Apple.
>> I have replaced many of the ipod batteries and it's no big deal
>> despite all the law suits and such.
>>> * Note: Just countering all of the viral marketing (intentional or
>>> unintentional) that we have been inundated with on our beloved
>>> Newtontalk list. Don't like it? Then, post something of relevance
>>> to the Newton.? :O)
>> This is usually called trolling and is unlikely to get any newton
>> related responses. Also it's good to mark thread like this as OT.
>> Marty
> At the risk of seeing this turn into a battery-throwing contest, I
> have to
> say I don't understand how Matt can be accused of trolling the
> *Newton* list
> (conveniently called "NewtonTalk" for those of us who forget where
> we are)
> when he's expressing his preference for posts about *Newtons* and
> his strong
> wish that he didn't have to wade past so many iPhone fan-posts to
> get to the
> Newton ones.

<big snip>

Actually there is a long tradition on this list of including/
encouraging comments and reviews about other handheld and PDA
platforms. Perhaps we should exclude the iphone from this courtesy
just because it's an Apple product? Or maybe because it's over-hyped?

Regardless of why you are sick of iPhone, angry frustrated ranting
about it is unlikely to help.

Yes, I do agree the battery is harder to change in the iphone then
pretty much any other cell phone I have seen. Still, based on my
experience with the ipods and the hyperbolic nonsense about those
batteries, this isn't a big deal (assuming the battery works a while).

Actually with Open Einstein iPhone might be able to become a Newton
some day! Wouldn't that be grand. Apple would have to open up the
iphone development platform though ( I think this is quite likely),
or a linux replacement OS would be needed (this will happen).

When you complain about posts on a certain topic and then start a new
thread on that same topic.... Trolling.


PS Christian I must add that your derogatory comments about iphone
seem totally weak and largely unfounded, much in the same vane as
Matt's "overpriced" comment. The iphone really is a groundbreaking
new mobile platform, despite all hype.

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