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From: Martin Joseph <>
Date: Wed Jul 11 2007 - 12:56:59 EDT

On Jul 11, 2007, at 7:51 AM, James Grubic wrote:

>> Why are people complaining about this when they upgrade to a brand-
>> new phone every year or so?
> It's unfortunate that people are in this "disposable" mindset now.
> Why are people still on this list? They more than likely have a Newton
> device. What has been one of the major sources of problems with
> maintaining the Newton over time (10 years plus)? Batteries. Hence
> my post.
Yes, I totally agree and my rebuilt pack for my 2000 is aged again
and needs some new cells. Major pain also. The AA tray is going to
be my main source of power soon if I don't get on it...
> My parallel is that 10 years from now, I would expect someone out
> there
> to be using the original iPhone much in the same way they still use
> Newton. But we are so locked into the disposable electronics mindset
> that we don't demand more, and the idea of keeping the device for more
> than 4 years seems ludicrous to some. I find that to be a tremendous
> waste. I'd rather not see one million iPhones sitting in a landfill. I
> would be tremendously disappointed if Steve Jobs and Apple let that be
> their legacy.
Batteries are disposable/recyclable. This is a sad fact of all of
our gadgets. Making it easier to remove (ie by the end user) just
makes it more likely to end up in the trash where it doesn't belong.
The fact that the iPhone requires a technician to replace the battery
makes it much more likely that the batteries will be properly recycled.


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