Re: [NTLK] Newton Press and Connections solved. Book interest?

From: Matt Howe <>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 18:57:40 EDT

Victor did indeed step down and transferred control to Grant. Grant has been
working overtime in moving UNNA to a new server and getting everything
running properly. He has the bit torrent running so a LOT of people are
torrenting the db. But Grant has promised to start updating things, adding
new files, etc. once has completed the transitional face of taking over. As
for the List, Victor also stepped down from that. Someone else has
graciously taken over the list but his name escapes me at the moment. Maybe
he will chime in.

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate (Newton) (Newton server) (Desktop)

Jon Glass wrote:
Is Victor still list dad? Or did he resign from all of it? Sorry that
this is news to me. I've been away for a few months...

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