[NTLK] Blunt and Nokia E50

From: Sebastiano <bagabrera_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Jun 24 2007 - 16:33:51 EDT

Hi Fellows,

I successfully paired my MP2100 with my Nokia E50 using Blunt 0.7.6,
but when I try to get services the Blunt window "get Services" is

My aim should get GPRS conn to fetch email with Mail V.

 I hate to give up! so I tried several times using all versions of
Blunt (from 0.7, 0.7.5, 0.7.6 to Blunt2), obviously deleting
everything concerning Blunt (pkgs, preferences with Pref. Cleaner and
storages) before installing new version without success.

Any ideas?

Maybe Eckhart could give me the right suggestion to solve it...the
right direction, hopefully.


Cheers (from Italy)


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