[NTLK] [FS] Newton and Apple Items

From: Patrick Jendraszak <indyibook_at_insightbb.com>
Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 23:05:32 EDT

Like some on the list, I mostly lurk and read all of the posts. And,
like many others, I have to clean out some of the computer hardware
and items that are cluttering our various rooms. If you want anything
on the list, please email me off list. Use either this email or jendra@mac.com
  Everything is plus shipping in the US. I can't ship overseas, sorry.

1. Newton 2000 in excellent shape with bright backlight. This was my
backup unit for my 2000u, but I never had to use it. All feet and
cover intact. I do not have the original stylus, but I got a good
after-market one, the Panache MP2K Styli. It also comes with a nearly
new leather Calise case that is made for the Newton, with room for
cards, phone, etc. It comes with a Newton branded 4mb flash storage
card and an Earthlink LAN III card (I don't think I have the dongle).
I don't really know the value today for this set, but I have to
imagine $125 would be reasonable.

2. Excellent condition (only used a handful of times) Apple Newton
Executive MessagePad Briefcase. Only a couple of minor scuffs, zippers
are great, all interior
flaps and such are in perfect condition. Black leather with embossed
Newton logo. Perfect for carrying an MP with keyboard, dongle, memory
cards, pens,
business cards, papers, etc. It's basically a compact briefcase (about
the size of a 15-inch laptop computer) built around the Message Pad.
They were a pretty rare find when I got it a few years ago and words
don't do the briefcase justice. $100.

3. My wife also wants me to sell her iBook. G4 iBook 800MHz with
SD640MB RAM, 30GB Drive (27.82 usable), DVD-CDRW Combo Drive, 12-inch
Display, AC Adapter, Battery. Original packing material included along
with install disks (with Panther) and manuals. Also includes a full
copy of Tiger. This iBook is in outstanding condition for its age. My
wife mostly used it at her desk ... it very seldom travelled outside
of our house. $325.

I have a PayPal account and would like to use it for any purchases.

Patrick Jendraszak
Indianapolis, IN

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