[NTLK] Help - InOut not responding

From: Ian P. Currie <ipcurrie_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Apr 18 2008 - 00:25:16 EDT

Hello all,

I seem to have screwed something up.

When I attempt to activate InOut, I get the following error message:

Sorry, a problem has occurred

In possibly related news, NewtsCape is also refusing to do
anything,with a long error message:

The following exception occured (sic) in event (SendHTTPRequest) of
state (SendHTTPRequest) of finite state machine (WWWFSM): (name:
'evt.ex.fr.store,data:-10600, debug: 'InputScript)

And, at odd times, I get an error message beginning with the word

These problems began to appear this morning after I used a different
memory card in the lower slot for a while, and unfortunately told the
Newton to go ahead and save new information on that card. When I went
back to my usual card, these problems appeared, and now they appear no
matter what card I use in there.

Any idea how I can get out of this mess?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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