Re: [NTLK] Help - InOut not responding

From: Ian P. Currie <>
Date: Fri Apr 18 2008 - 22:15:46 EDT

> It is starting to sound like it's time for some drastic action. I
> don't know what to do but here are some of my random thoughts

Thank you all for your help - and a further question.

Happily, I have been integrating the Newton into my life at a slow pace
since about Christmas, and didn't have loads of data to worry about.

In the end, I was able to figure out that the in out box soup on the
original card was the root of the problem. If there was no card in
either slot, there was no problem running InOut. Erasing the card did
the trick, and then I made a new backup to it.

However, a question: I am now a little scared of using cards to hold
date / name information, and also scared that the Internal store will
fill up if I use it exclusively. I was unable to find a way to move the
information between cards and the internal store. Can someone give me
a pointer?


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