Re: [NTLK] Help - InOut not responding

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sat Apr 19 2008 - 03:35:14 EDT

If you were to review this list over the years, you would see many
discussions related to the lifespan of Newton flash memory. In my
case ALL failures that I have experienced were when a reset or power
loss occurred while a large file was being saved or created. I think
that most of my problems have been whem working with relatively large
documents that pushed the limits of the system memory, Usually
NewtWorks documents exceeding 500 pages and or using NewtsCape and
Works at the same time to create large books.

The first time this was more than annoying because I didn't expect it
and didn't have a plan.

I now use the internal store only for information or packages that I
consider most important. This category includes Notes documents,
Names entries, Dates entries and essential applications or
extensions. For Notes, launch the application then tap the "i" button
and select "prefs" then select " Always store...internally".
Next tap the overview button and each individual note will show its
location, select the individual note or select all and tap the
'envelope' icon to file as you choose. Select Names and Dates prefs
in a similar fashion.

I store these items internally so that they are not spread across
cards and so that I can easily backup the internal store to a card,
but card backup requires that I connect to and backup to another

I the designate one slot as my safe slot, in my case since I use my
Newt primarily in portrait this is the lower slot. This is where I
keep other important applications and documents, this is usually
selected as where new information is stored, this choice does not
override my selections in Notes, Dates and Names. Thus all new
downloads will be saved here. I use the upper slot for my ethernet

When I plan to save a Newton book as a Works document, text or HTML
(HTMList extension required), I use the upper store. this requires
moving via the routing envelope the book or works document to this
store and selecting temporarily this store as the place to store new

In this way I manage my risk, and facilitate both card and NCU/NCX

I have never heard of problems with the internal store, but I would
not create a large Newton book there.

Enjoy your newton and think of the flash cards as external drives.


On Apr 19, 2008, at 1:28 AM, Jon Glass wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 4:15 AM, Ian P. Currie <>
> wrote:
>> However, a question: I am now a little scared of using cards to hold
>> date / name information, and also scared that the Internal store will
>> fill up if I use it exclusively. I was unable to find a way to move
>> the
>> information between cards and the internal store. Can someone give
>> me
>> a pointer?
> Ian-
> I'm so sorry. I fear that I, and maybe others, assumed maybe, too much
> knowledge on your part. We might have been able to preserve you from
> erasing the entire card!
> If you will tap on Extras, then, in the diamond list at top, choose
> "Storage." This will show you all the storage "soups" on your Newton.
> One of those is named, "IN/Out Items." You probably already found
> that. But what you do is tap on that. That will pop up an info window.
> There is a "Delete" button, which you can use to delete the soup (or,
> I think, in the case of the In/Out, merely delete all the entries).
> There is also a "File" icon. Tapping on that will enable you to move
> all the entries in the soup to either internal or External. This is a
> mass movement, as you can well guess. If you wish to move individual
> items, you will have to do that from the In/Out boxes. So, you could
> have deleted just this soup, and maybe saved the rest of the card.
> Sorry for being late on the explanation!
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