Re: [NTLK] ModBook Review

From: Joel M. Sciamma <>
Date: Sat Apr 19 2008 - 05:50:40 EDT


> Maybe you guys are interested in my quick review:
> <>
> It's not a Newton. But it's pretty cool anyway.

Many thanks for your insights. I have been following the development
of the ModBook with some interest and as I'm not particularly keen on
the current MacBook Pros, it might well make a better move to Intel
from my G4 PowerBook when that becomes unavoidable.

I would imagine that with the ModBook on a stand, connected to a
supplementary monitor and with a separate keyboard, it would fulfil
all the requirements of one's main machine but be much nicer when on
the move. A small keyboard like the folding Palm device would handle
those times when larger amounts of text entry were necessary.

I do a lot of CAD work and the idea of being able to manipulate
objects directly under the pen a la Cintiq is very appealing. As I'm
involved I'm electronic mapping, the GPS module could be just the
thing if there is an API that can get data from it in a useful way.

The fact that the ModBook has all the ports makes it a much more
serious proposition than the Air, your analysis of which chimes with


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