[NTLK] Lame Faxing Question

From: L.W. Brown <lwb_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Aug 02 2008 - 19:34:34 EDT

Never used the fax capability.
Inserted an Apple Fax-Modem PC-card with x-jack connector;
Newt says "A communications card has been inserted." - good sign;
choose fax - select recipient - send;
Newt says the signal appears to have been dropped.

Over & over...

(Google doesn't show an answer, except how wonderful the "cig.pack"
modem was, which I do not have...)

(Same results with a Megahertz 56KB "cellular" modem, and a 56KB
cell.mod + GSM.
But I bet the lack of drivers is a problem...)

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