Re: [NTLK] Thank you

From: Brian Ball <>
Date: Sat Aug 02 2008 - 20:25:19 EDT

> Many thanks to Woody Smith and especially to UNNA and CHUMA for their support for the Newton Community. As many of us have noted, there are so many dead links to web sites and software that previously provided wonderful resources. Individuals like Morgan Aldridge help keep Unna as the primary source for Newton software especially for newbies.
> We also have to thank all the Newtontalk folks for helping to keep our Newts alive and well.

As a Newton Newbie I appreciate all everyone has done the last decade to keep the Newton Spirit alive. Way after the fact I get to enjoy the Newton platform as well as with the Einstein emulator. The only problem I have is now when I use one of my Palm units I realize how much better the handwriting recognition of the Newton is and wish the platform could somehow be rejuvenated with up to date hardware. As much as I love the MP2000, it just doesn't fit in a pocket the same way a modern device does.


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