Re: [NTLK] ATA Support (was: Connecting my Newton-Questions!)

From: James Wages <>
Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 19:35:30 EDT

On 8/13/08 4:40 AM, "RAParker" <> wrote:
> ATA (with CF/SD/SM PCMCIA adapters) is reeeaalllyy sllllooooowww!

I second that opinion. But I would like to emphasize it this way: IT'S
PAINFULLY SLOW! Try a 1GB Microdrive and you'll be spinning that disk for
an eternity (the larger the slower?)

Even so, I have a report going in another thread about linear cards. My
beloved 32MB card stopped working for no logical reason the other day. I've
now sent it off to PCBman for a look. Seems like the only way to resurrect
the linear cards is to format them on an ancient PC with hardware that most
of us don't have. I never thought about this before until my 32MB linear
card crashed, but linear is scary (unless you're well-to-do and couldn't
care less how much it costs to replace them).

--James Wages

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