Re: [NTLK] PC vs. Mac Newton BACKUP File Compatibility

From: Dan <>
Date: Sun Aug 17 2008 - 17:03:58 EDT

On 8/17/2008 1:15 AM, Jon Glass wrote:

> I've never used NCX for restoring, but I believe that in NCU, you just
> need to give the card the same name as the original, and it should
> work. Do remember the name of the original card? Alternately, you may
> need to name the card the name of the backup file. My mind is a little
> fuzzy there, but try doing both, and see which works.

Actually with NCU you don't need to have the card as the exact name.
You just pick a backup to restore (it has the same name as the card),
and which card you want it to restore to (with a 2x00 it asks with 1x0
it just starts) and you are on your way. Doesn't matter what name the
of the card you are restoring to is. It might even rename it to the
same name as the backup file in the end. Though I am not sure on that


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