Re: [NTLK] ATA Linear flash speed

From: James Wages <>
Date: Mon Aug 18 2008 - 22:26:28 EDT

On 8/19/08 9:15 AM, "Ryan Vetter" <> wrote:
> can someone suggest how I could test the speed objectively?

Certainly there could be better solutions, but the way I compare is to put a
package and soups on the internal RAM, launch and play with it, get a feel
for the speed, then put all that on the card and do the same "touch and
feel" tests. Which "feels faster" to you?

> Here is a review on the Extreme III...

Ryan, please know that I don't that card is fast. But I still feel there
must be hardware support present to take "full advantage of" the card's raw
speed. Paul, author of ATA Support, would surely know this. But I don't
believe he posts here much anymore? (He never posted whenever I spoke of
ATA Support or Einstein in the past.)

On 8/19/08 10:31 AM, "R A Parker" <QuadzillaNET@SBCGlobal.NET> wrote:
> Not linear flash speeds, of course.

To me, THAT matters. If we're talking a 5% difference in speed, then maybe
I'd become a bit interested. But how different is the speed versus Linear?
That's the question. And keep in mind that Linear is SLOWER than internal
RAM. So simply matching Linear isn't saying a whole lot. It's time for the
jaws to drop when we find an ATA that matches or bests internal RAM for

The way Ryan spoke in his past few posts, it's almost like the speed of his
card matches or bests Linear. If that's true, then we all need to be using
Extreme III cards and Paul's ATA Support driver.

> Never assume, or haven't you heard that joke before?

Well, I willfully posted that provocative sentence to stimulate some of you
sufficiently to post in this thread. Thankfully, it worked on one of you!
:-) Seriously, this is an important topic for anyone who uses the Newton
regularly. Who doesn't use memory of some sort in their Newtons? And I
doubt there are any among us who "want" slower speeds. So I for one am
eager to see just how fast these ATA cards can be in a Newton, versus Linear
or Internal RAM speeds.

--James Wages

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