Re: [NTLK] MP2100 Screen Brightness

From: Don Zahniser <>
Date: Mon Aug 18 2008 - 22:37:38 EDT

On Aug 18, 2008, at 8:55 PM, T-na Tran wrote:

> For indoor use / lighting, do most of you have to use the
> backlighting? I mean, under normal indoor lighting. I find my
> MP2100 screen very dim; I always have to have the backlighting on.
> I've adjusted the contrast but still, I can only use the MP2100
> with the backlight on. I was not sure if that is normal or if I
> need to have it serviced. It works fine every other way. I have 2
> MP2100 and they both have the dim screen.
> Is that normal for the MP2100? I find I'm not using teh MP2100 as
> much due to the poor lighting and it being difficult on the eyes.

I find that I can use my MP2100 indoors if I have lighting equivalent
to what I would use for reading a book. That is, over-the-shoulder
direct lighting bright enough to provide comfortable reading of a
printed page for long periods. Indirect lighting is usually
insufficient indoors for me.

As an example - I have an overhead fluorescent light fixture in my
kitchen, but the kitchen table is off one end of the fixture (long
end to long end). I am very comfortable using my MP2100 in the chair
at the 'head' of the table, almost under the fixture, but less so in
the chairs which are side-on to the fixture and further away. My
favorite spot is semi-reclining on my couch, with a 60W bulb behind
me off the end of the couch.

There may also be issues with the 'color temperature' of indoor
lighting, vis a vis the green color of the Newton screen.

  - Don

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