Re: [NTLK] nBlog: a viable mobile blogging option?

From: Josh Burker <>
Date: Wed Dec 31 2008 - 11:46:05 EST

Yes, nBlog is a very viable mobile blogging option. Here's what I
posted on my blog about it.
I chose Blogger because I already had a gmail account, and I
understood that nBlog for the Newton worked with Blogger.

I downloaded version 1.2.0 from UNNA:

It has been updated to with with Moveable Type and LiveJournal as well.

It took some monkeying around with. These page helped:

Additionally, I had to figure out the correct settings, which have
changed from what the wikiwikinewt page said:

Path: /api
Port: 80
Blogger 1.0

Once the configuration was correct I was able to get nBlog working
properly. It retrieved my account information and the blog I wished to
manage. I created a Note and then used nBlog to Post and Publish the
Note. It showed up in my Blogger account.

The eMate might be a good blogging device: keyboard, long battery
life, wifi. When I don't want to lug the laptop along because of the
temptation to get distracted, I could use the eMate to bust out blog


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