Re: [NTLK] Fix2010 code release

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Wed Dec 31 2008 - 13:11:02 EST


--- On Tue, 12/30/08, <> wrote:

> I misplaced my tin foil hat and short-wave radio antenna,
> and now I can't find magnetic North, so I can't run
> Ubuntu 'WTF'?on my bicycle-powered SGA Unix
> machine with the Apple/Solaris emulator.?

Maybe it's just me, but whilst I was reading that opening sentence, I somehow formed a mental picture of some guy peddling furiously away on a bicycle wearing a tinfoil hat, (with a large shortwave antenna protruding from it) facing a monitor and typing away on a handlebar-mounted keyboard.

...and all I could think of was "cool!" _

(Is there a clinic I can check myself into?)


James Fraser

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