[NTLK] Switching to OS X 10.5 and the Newton

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <Marcus.Hammerschmitt_at_t-online.de>
Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 17:50:26 EST

Dear all!

Iím thinking seriously about switching from WinXP to OS X 10.5 on one of the
new iMacs. Most of the migration issues seem to have been adressed. It looks
as if Iíll be even able to run some quite dated peripherals (like an HP
1100A printer and a US Robotics modem as fax and answering machine.)

Now the only thing which troubles me is the connection to my 2100. Yes,
there is NCX. Yet while my current XP machine has two ethernet ports, so
that I can surf the net and talk to my 2100 via cabled ethernet
simultaneously, the iMac only has one ethernet port.

What might be the best way then to connect a 2100 to an OS X 10.5 iMac whose
sole ethernet port is already occupied (by a cable coming from my basic DSL modem,
which allows for one outgoing connection exactly)? A router/switch attached to the
DSL modem, WiFi or cabled only? WiFi from the 2100 to the iMacís Airport Extreme?
Bluetooth? Even serial via USB to serial adapter? What are your experiences?

The other thing Iím concerned about is this:
So far, I use the Newton MP3 Converter under XP to wrap up my mp3s into pkgs
and download them on my Newt later on. But installing Parallels Desktop
for this purpose only looks just a *little* over the top. Classic and the
iTunes plugin


being no option, I ask myself: How can the mp3/pkg hurdle be negotiated the
most elegant way on Leopard?




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