Re: [NTLK] Switching to OS X 10.5 and the Newton

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Sun Jan 06 2008 - 20:16:41 EST

On 1/5/08, Marcus Hammerschmitt <> wrote:
> What might be the best way then to connect a 2100 to an OS X 10.5 iMac whose
> sole ethernet port is already occupied (by a cable coming from my basic DSL modem,
> which allows for one outgoing connection exactly)? A router/switch attached to the
> DSL modem, WiFi or cabled only? WiFi from the 2100 to the iMac's Airport Extreme?
> Bluetooth? Even serial via USB to serial adapter? What are your experiences?

I've got a MacBook Pro running 10.4 (Tiger; time to upgrade, but close
enough for what we're discussing) and only use WiFi & BlueTooth to get
data & packages to/from my MessagePad 2100. You can easily configure
Leopard to share your ethernet Internet connection over WiFi or just
create a separate WiFi network using its built-in AirPort Extreme
card. BlueTooth also works well for installing small packages and
sending small bits of data back and forth.

> The other thing I'm concerned about is this:
> So far, I use the Newton MP3 Converter under XP to wrap up my mp3s into pkgs
> and download them on my Newt later on. But installing Parallels Desktop
> for this purpose only looks just a *little* over the top. Classic and the
> iTunes plugin
> being no option, I ask myself: How can the mp3/pkg hurdle be negotiated the
> most elegant way on Leopard?

This is definitely a good question. Many people use Basilisk II
<> on Mac OS X to
run NTK, so you could do it manually that way.

A custom mp3 wrapper utility for Mac OS X should be able to be made
easily enough. I think that Victor Rehorst used Paul Guyot's DCL
<> to implement his web-based NES
Packager <>.

Morgan Aldridge

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