[NTLK] Current Mail V

From: Gary Dunn <knowtree_at_aloha.com>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 22:14:00 EST

Not long after I started using my newted.org account Mail V always hangs while saving. I can only receive one message at a time. After the progress indicator is full I tap Stop and the connection closes. The new message only appears in my Inbox when I change the folder tab to "All." When I file it none of the folders are selected, not even "Unfiled."

When no amount of fiddling fixed this I decided to do a Brain Wipe. No change. So I thought maybe I need to Upgrade Mail V. From what I can tell the version I have is 5.21 but the one on Simon's web site at mac.com is 5.1.4.

Am I current?

Should I reinstall?

Is my newted configuration wrong? I am using POP! in the IMAP path. Is that correct?

Gary Dunn, Honolulu
Sent from a Newton 2100 via Mail V
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