[NTLK] MoreInfo on Mac?

From: James Charney <james.charney_at_yale.edu>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 22:54:16 EST

Hi-- One of the best apps ever for my Newton is MoreInfo. I use it
dozens of times each day to schedule my office visits. There are
many things I like about this program.
        One of the best things about it is how it links Contacts with Meetings.
        I begin to enter a name for my next appt and I get a list of
relevant names to choose from. And the Name of the Meeting is the
name of the person. The other neat thing I like is "next meeting
with" a choice that allows me to easily schedule a follow up meeting
almost automatically. and all this in a window that shows me my
schedule as a list for any day I choose--so I can easily find the
next open slot for an appointment.
        I describe this, which many of you must know already, because I am
puzzled that I have yet to find a calendar or scheduling application
for the Mac that does any of this. Every calendar I've looked at has
a line for a Meeting separate from who is going to be at the
meeting. And the contact link, if there is one ,is never to the
Title of the meeting, but only to the "who".
        This is useless for me-all my appts (I'm a doctor) are with people--
and the name of the meeting is the person's name. But with all these
Mac-apps, I have to type in the name in full each time. The Contact
link is buried in the meeting details--and is never the "title" of
the meeting. Also, none has an easy way to schedule a followup appt
without retyping, and none elegantly shows me dates into the future
to put that next meeting.
        I've looked at iCal, Google Calendar, Now Contact, Entourage,many
others...they all fail to match the elegance and efficiency of
MoreInfo on my Newton. Which leads to my question:
        Does anyone know of a scheduling application for the Mac that acts
like MoreInfo in the way I described?

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