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From: RAParker <QuadzillaNET_at_Newted.ORG>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 23:20:31 EST

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> Am I current?
As current as you need.

>Should I reinstall?

How much space is left on your internal and your external stores?

> Is my newted configuration
> wrong? I am using POP! In
> the IMAP path. Is that
> correct?

Sometimes, Mail V will hang on me, on a specific message. Unknown why though. What usually fixes it for me is one of several steps:

1- Make sure I'm not accidentally storing messages to my internal store.

2- Try resetting the mailbox.

3- Try IMAP for Newted, you'll like it.

4- Temporarily switch to IMAP, download all messages, switch back to POP! and get beyond the problem message.

5- Use internet access on a real computer to download the problem message, do something with the problem message, continue on, beyond the problem message.

6- More?

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