Re: [NTLK] 2010 Fix Alpha Testers Needed

From: M. Horvat <>
Date: Thu Apr 09 2009 - 04:40:54 EDT

Yeah, but Names asks you if you want to add the birthdays/anniversaries to Dates.
But, since the 2.x Names app has a soup format that's backwards compatible with 1.x, you can use the following application:

It's an app that reminds you of upcoming birthdays. (The Birthday field in Names 1.x is kind of useless without this app, since in 1.x Names doesn't add alarms to Dates.) It searches the Names soup for birthdays that are in range of 14 days (14 days is the default - you can change it) and reminds you every time your Newton wakes up (though you can tell it to leave you alone for the rest of the day).

-Matej Horvat

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There are some apps that set automatically some alarms. Ex: if you enter a
birthday or an anniversary on Names App.


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