Re: [NTLK] Wacom Tablet (Bamboo)... Again

From: RCMP_Mike <>
Date: Thu Apr 09 2009 - 10:42:05 EDT

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> As it is, I am using a Newton, and a half cocked Apple tablet (Wacom +
> MacBook Pro). We are in 2009, and still, no Apple Tablet in sight...
> <snip>
> Well I am having some luck adapting an iPod touch to handle my newt info
> using an app called tapforms, but its still no newt or Mac tablet. I too
> wonder what apple is thinking some days since they can't figure out how to
> do a netbook either. Even on the high price end Mac netbooks would sell
> like hot cakes if they started cheaper then Macbooks and I think the same
> is true of Mac tablets if they started around the Macbook pros price.
> Apples inability to make the product I want and need is why I have an acer
> aspire netbook and os x 10.5 on order and I'm fixing to violate me an EULA
> as soon as they show up ;-) As far as Mac tablets go, I assume you've
> heard of the axiotron modbook? Where they make your macbook or MB pro into
> a tablet for $1300 or $2999 respectively.

It's sad that we have to jury rig solutions to do what our Newts were doing
15 years ago. For example, I loaded Searcher on my iPhone so as to have the
ability to search multiple apps (calendar, contacts, SMS, etc... . It works
well however I sure would love a Newton Assistant function. :-\


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