[NTLK] Reputable Newton/parts dealer?

Craig Campbell shirokuro73 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 11:40:36 EST 2009

Hi and thanks to all who got back to me!

Thanks for the advice and recommendations, I will definitely look into those.  In addition I got a couple of PM replies as well, and I will get back to all you kind folks too.

For those who asked, I'm in the US (near Chicago) although I'll be in the UK over Christmas.  Heading to airport this afternoon - if the snow lets me.......... :-o

Take Care and everyone have a great Christmas, Holiday and New Year.


On Dec 20, 2009, at 11:26 PM, Craig Campbell wrote:

> Hi all,
> Having pulled my poor upgrade MP2K from the cupboard recently (and marveling at why-ever did I relegate it to the cupboard in the first place) I am slowly getting back into the world of Newton!  I would like to get my NiMH rechargeable battery replaced or re-celled (as I have seen some talk on this list).  Also, my backlight, while still perfectly usable, is getting noticeably dim.  I came across a site newtonsales.com which looks like it offers these services, amongst others (including selling actual Newtons etc).
> Has anyone used this site, and is it considered reputable?  What are some other reputable sites for Newton parts/services or Newton units themselves?
> Also, I would REALLY love to get my hands on a working eMate 300.  Can anyone recommend a good source of these? (again, this site newtonsales.com seems to sell them for US$200).
> Actually I purchased an eMate 300 from eBay a few years ago but it never arrived, so I'm a bit wary about going the eBay route - unless someone can recommend a reputable eBay seller?
> Anyway thanks in advance for any help!  It truly warms my heart to see the Newton community soldiering on.  It still boggles my mind when using my Newton at all the amazing features which NEVER made it into newer technology.
> Thanks a lot,
> Craig

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