[NTLK] FS: MP2000 with LOTS of extras - Interest for my first MessagePad -

dograt at earthlink.net dograt at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 27 18:43:19 EST 2009

On Dec 27, 2009, at 3:20 PM, Grant Hutchinson wrote:

> On Dec 24, 2009, at 1:55 PM, dograt at earthlink.net wrote:
>> It's considered bad form to "fish" for offers like this on a
>> community list. Decide what you want to receive for it and ask the
>> price. If you're afraid of getting taken advantage of, then just list
>> it on ebay.
> There is nothing stated in the NewtonTalk FAQ which specifically
> discourages "fishing" for offers of an item for sale.

Did I say there was?

> As long the the
> subject line is marked as [FS] to indicate that an item is being
> offered for sale to the list (which it was), there are really no other
> stipulations.
> http://newtontalk.net/faq/
> As noted by Valerio, sometimes it is difficult to come up with a price
> on your own accord.

Than that implies a reason for "fishing", which is considered bad  
form. If there is difficulty, then that means there is no direct  
impetus, e.g., what you paid for it,  for establishing a price and  
the seller is merely attempting to extract the most amount of money  
regardless of true worth. Yes, there's no rule against it, but on a  
close-knit community of geeks and aficionados, it is bad form. One  
can easily search online resellers and ebay for closed auctions if  
one is truly at a loss for what something's market value is.

To obstinately refuse to name an asking price and repeatedly state,  
"what is your offer?" is being disingenuous at best, and predatory at  

> Likewise, many people have an aversion to selling
> thing on eBay.

Agreed, but that has no bearing on the issue at hand of fishing for  

> g.


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