Re: [NTLK] Desperately seeking connection (MessagePad 2100)

From: Scott Hoffman <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 2009 - 14:11:43 EST

      Sorry I've not been around for a while - I connect my MP 2000U
to my AirPort Extreme.
Here's my home setup:
Power Macintosh G5 dual-2.3 running Tiger 10.4.11
AirPort Extreme 802.11g connected to cable modem (Motorola SurfBoard)
MessagePad 2000U with Lucent WaveLan Gold card running 128-bit WEP
Here are the settings which work for me (taken from AirPort Setup

Connect Using : Ethernet
Configure TCP/IP : Using DHCP
IP Address : <Provided Automatically>

Here's what I've got under /System Preferences/Network

(under TCP/IP tab)
Configure IPv4 : Using DHCP
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Router :
DHCP Client ID is blank / not required
(PPPoE tab)
Blank - nothing filled out as I don't connect using this
(AppleTalk tab)
This is selected and connected to my Power Mac
(Proxies tab)
Nothing filled out except for bottom -
"Use Passive FTP Mode" is selected

      Here's the setup information on my Newton

Mode : Infrastructure
Channel 1 (ignored)

       Make sure your SSID is typed exactly the same on your Newton
as it's entered on
your AirPort settings for your computer. Not a space different.
Make sure if you're going
to use WEP that you first (as has already been recommended here) get
everything working
without. Do you have the very latest unlocked version of Hiroshi's
WiFi driver installed?
These are the packages I've got on mine:

802.11b WaveLAN (Version 1.08b) - on the connection slip which
appears after insertion of
my card it mentions "Manufacturer: Lucent Technologies Version 01.01"
- I'm NOT using this
card for Apple Talk.
Farallon Enet
Internet Setup
Newton Internet Enabler
NIE Ethernet Module

      I have a couple of other NIE related packages but if I recall
they were only required for
Bluetooth - I have that working with the famous "PICO" card.

      Initially, I had my Newton working on WiFi with a Farallon
SkyLine card but that required
the use of the MoreWiFiCards package - and I wasn't able to use WEP.
I upgraded to the
WaveLan Gold and simply removed that More cards package and entered
WEP information
and it worked (and still does, in fact) great. I don't remember on
which site I read it or who
may have told me this, as my memory isn't all that great, but it's
probably a good idea if you get
wired Ethernet working first. I did that using a 3Com card - I
hooked it directly from the back of the
AirPort Extreme base unit to the "dongle" using a crossover cable.
Works great!

       I apologize if my answer doesn't seem too technically correct
or savvy, or if all has been
stated before. I followed the directions which had been posted
online in several different
places as well as (and most importantly) with the assistance of
others on this list. Search the
Newtontalk archives if you get too stumped.

       Hope everything works out for you and you can get online - the
first time you connect it's
truly a wonderful feeling! :)

      Take care and let me know how everything works out.

On Feb 22, 2009, at 8:26 AM, David Neale wrote:

> Well, I've reinitialised the Airport Base Station and set the WEP to
> 40 bits, rather than 128.
> I've changed the Internet Setup to use a hexadecimal WEP and have
> copied the hex code from the Airport Admin Utility.
> I've restarted the MessagePad.
> The results are, however, exactly the same.
> Does anyone use a Lucent Technologies card to conenct wirelessly to
> the Internet via an Airport Base Station? And do you use MacOS X
> (either Tiger or Leopard)? If so, can you please email me screenshots
> of the relevant Airport settings, together with the settings you are
> using for the Lucent card on the MessagePad, please?
> Failing that, the next step will be to scrub my MessagePad clean and
> start that afresh.
> David
> On 22 Feb 2009, at 00:56, Marius Hristache wrote:
>> Use hexadecimal connection.I'm very sorry for this late response but
>> it was Saturday evening.Don't use string.I have the same Lucent like
>> yours.After you make the settings restart your MP.Your device
>> address can be or 101 or 102 depends if you have other
>> devices connected using wifi.For my MP I discover the address using
>> a 3com Ethernet card that show me for 1 second the proper address
>> number.I have 2 MP and each one has a different address :one has 100
>> and the other one has 102( I mean the last 3 digits in the
>> address)because I have also a computer connected wifi and it's
>> address is don't forget to restart the MP after
>> applying new settings.If you have any troubles just ask me.
>> Marius

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