Re: [NTLK] Desperately seeking connection (MessagePad 2100)

From: Scott Hoffman <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 2009 - 14:22:42 EST

Hi again, forgot to mention what information is listed under AirPort
Admin Utility
Here's what I've got:

Under AirPort tab
Channel : Automatic
Mode : 802.11b/g compatible

Under Internet tab
Connect Using : Ethernet
Configure : Using DHCP
I don't have a static IP - if you need the next three blocks email me
off-list and I'll
post what I have.
Both DNS servers blocks are blank.
Domain name filled out as appropriate.
DHCP client ID : blank
WAN Ethernet port : Automatic (Default)

Under Network tab
Distribute IP addresses is checked
"Share A Single IP address..." is selected, and
"Use addressing" is the selection below.

On Feb 22, 2009, at 8:26 AM, David Neale wrote:

> Well, I've reinitialised the Airport Base Station and set the WEP to
> 40 bits, rather than 128.
> I've changed the Internet Setup to use a hexadecimal WEP and have
> copied the hex code from the Airport Admin Utility.
> I've restarted the MessagePad.
> The results are, however, exactly the same.
> Does anyone use a Lucent Technologies card to conenct wirelessly to
> the Internet via an Airport Base Station? And do you use MacOS X
> (either Tiger or Leopard)? If so, can you please email me screenshots
> of the relevant Airport settings, together with the settings you are
> using for the Lucent card on the MessagePad, please?
> Failing that, the next step will be to scrub my MessagePad clean and
> start that afresh.
> David

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