Re: [NTLK] Einstein on (i386) Linux

From: Who <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 2009 - 15:42:05 EST

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 9:14 PM, matthiasm <> wrote:
> On 21.02.2009, at 22:00, Who wrote:
>> Hi,
> Einstein needs a connection to the X11 server. Make sure that the
> DISPLAY variable is set correctly.

$ echo $DISPLAY

Which is right, as far as I know... This is my only and first X display

> Do you get any error message?

Ok, here's a full list of what I've done, and what messages I've got.

1. Compilation: Followed the 'Unix' build instructions at - note that I
had to install libiffi-dev and NOT use the libiffi shipped in the svn

2. Running.
The command I am using is
 ./einstein -m 747129 --width=480 --height=640 ~/Source/Newton/emate/

In that emate directory I have the Newton.rex from the svn.and my
image called 747129 that is an emate ROM (note that I'deally I'd like
to use an mp2x00 ROM but the one I have is 8.9mb and the cli emulator
doesn't like that. I highly optimistically used DD to copy only the
first 8mb to another file but that doesn't work either - but I don't
know whether it fails for the same or a different reason to the emate

Now for the errors. First time I ran einstein it failed, complaining
about the .rex. file being corrupted:
"Einstein REX seems corrupted"

But I tried using the same REX that I'd used on OS X, and had worked -
it still claimed the rex was corrupted

(From here on in I can't be sure anything sane is happening, of
course... Perhaps the .rex error is terminal and there's no reason it
should work!)
I then considered perhaps the checksumming of the rex was broken on
linux and the only thing causing it to fail, so I stopped it exiting
on a failed rex (nothing more clever, mind)

Now here is the output I get when running the above command.

Adding ROM patch: Avoid screen calibration
Adding ROM patch: Obsolete FlushDCache
Adding ROM patch: Obsolete CleanPageInDCache
Adding ROM patch: BeaconDetect (1/2)
Adding ROM patch: BeaconDetect (2/2)
Welcome to Einstein console.
This is Einstein Platform 2007.7.
Einstein REX seems corrupted
Max units count = 999
Max units count = 1026
Type help for help on available commands.

If I run with logging I get an empty log.

Compared to running on OSX (though I never used the cli version on OS
X), the 'booting' stage is very fast (instantaneous)

I don't know anything about NewtonScript, but being hopeful and trying
to test if the machine was alive but not displaying anything I tried
ns |Einstein:Log|("Hello World")
at the einstein prompt. The command returns but there's nothing in the log.

When using the 8mb dd-made debug rom, or disabling the rom size checks
I have got things to log but they are all repeated and mundane
failures - nothing good seems to be happening... I can recreate them
if anyone thinks they can use the information.

Hope that makes some sense :)


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