Re: [NTLK] Refreshing one's memory (mine, not the Newton)

From: Tony Kan <>
Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 18:21:11 EDT

I keep all PIM soups on the Newton for backup purposes; and try to minimise the
number of apps on the Newton as much as possible. Freezing everything not
immediately required helps too. I recently tried setting up a MP2000 with the
ethernet/internet/wifi packages so that I could install apps wirelessly too it.
Once that was set up (internally) and even though all the new apps being
installed were going straight to the card, I only downloaded about 6 or 7 before
insufficient memory errors started. Freezing them all did the trick. I wonder
if the size of the pkg makes a difference to the heap that is used or is it just
a "stub"?

Some packages are sensitive as to whether they are loaded on the Newt or on a
card. For example, MoreInfo doesn't like being on a card. I've never tried it
but does it matter if the ethernet/internet/wifi packages are loaded on the card
or not? TIA



 Do you guys have any suggestions on efficient, feature filled setups? I
have quite a bit of software and don't plan to install all of it. I'll
put games and diversions on the second card. It can be removed if and
when I need to use the modem card.

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