Re: [NTLK] Streamlining Book Making

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sat Sep 12 2009 - 15:57:20 EDT

Dan makes excellent points regarding size, don't even try to create
documents with images with Newtscape if you exceed heap it is possible
to corrupt a card.

I used bitmap as the import format when I created books with images.
I also used a photo editing package and experimented with contrast,
brightness and saturation and when I found an image that looked good
on the newt I used is as a guide for other images.


> Good point. Of course I only have Word 2007 at this point.
> and did not show me any decent discontinued word
> processor that
> would spit out old-school RTF. Anyone got any ideas?
> Something else. I was using Paint Shop Pro to resize images and
> convert to
> grayscale, and then ImageMagick to convert to "true grayscale" with 16
> shades. The result in that format opens fine in Windows Paint which
> will
> copy-paste into Newton Press without a problem. I don't understand
> how to
> get Paint Shop Pro to go to 16 greys so I could potentially skip the
> ImageMagick step; if I just copy-paste into Press from PSP it looks
> right in
> Press but the image on the eMate is garbled.
> I love all the comments and etc, please keep 'em coming! :)
> Thanks.

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