Re: [NTLK] No iNewton announced today

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Date: Sat Sep 12 2009 - 15:26:11 EDT

You can try getting some "helicopter" tape or I believe it is also
called airplane tape and putting it on the back of your iDevice. The
tape is used on front edge of airplane wings and helicopter blades to
prevent chips and dents to the paint/metal so it is almost optically
clear and usually rather thick (for a clear film tape) and rubbery. I
use it for screen protectors mostly even though it's not as optically
clear as regular protectors and you have to cut it yourself but it
lasts forever and doesn't scratch up like most protectors. H tape is
too thick to use as a newton or itouch screen protector though.
Another less grippy option is to get anti glare screen protectors ( I
use fellowes writeright universal protectors for PDAs ), they have a
slight texture to them and make my itouch back slightly grippy but not
too grippy that I can't put it in my pocket or a tight case.

3m h-tape is best but very expensive, my work is using another cheaper
brand now that's pretty very good too. We dont use the tape for
aircraft so we can use cheaper tape that is almost as good as 3m brand
but hasnt gone through all the expensive government certifications. if
your interested I can get the brand name and supplier we use? If your
interested in trying regular screen protectors I have a templete that
I made that fits the 1gen itouch back perfectly that I can scan and
email to you? I covered the back of my itouch just to keep it from
scratching but the added grip is a bonus. The newton is too grippy
with it's rubber coating IMHO, I made a slide case for my newt and it
puts up a bit of a fight every time I put it away lol luckily I made
the case a little loose or I'd never be able to put it away!

Joe Reilly

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On Sep 12, 2009, at 3:54 AM, "M. Horvat" <> wrote:
> Good point. The iPhone, for example, doesn't have rubber feet on the
> back. I'm sure it would have been much easier to type on it (with
> two or more fingers, in landscape mode) if you could lay it on a
> table and not have it move. (Though my Newton's rubber feet keep
> falling off all the time. But I've glued them. However, after
> returning from the WWNC, I noticed that one of the feet from my
> Newton Keyboard is missing. Does anyone have a spare one?)
> -Matej Horvat
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