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Actually your response shows your ignorance about me. I've used pc's since 1986 but have been very entrenched in the apple camp since 2002 and using apples at school long before that however that does not prevent me from being objective and giving Microsoft credit were it is due (windows 7/zune hd) although I would label windows vista and their policy of having a million different windows versions as an epic fail too. Further more, I believe nether Microsoft nor Apple propaganda anymore, I believe the products which clearly tell who is listening to the customers requests/needs and who is not. Beyond all that I don't know what area your in but I have used tmobile for years with no problem and I have also traveled all over the midwest/east USA without problem. People often speak ill of sprints coverage too but I also found them to be fine. You also assumed my hate of att might be based in a love for Verizon (I don't care for verizons draconian policies actually) which again proves your ignorance of me, Cingula
r (now att) made two years of my life hell because they said I owed them money (which I already paid them) and when I finally paid them again just to get rid of the problem they sent me a check a few weeks later for the exact amount I paid them because after two years they finally found my lost payment (I already sent them bank statements long before that to prove I paid them but they didn't believe/acknowledge them). After relating my cingular story to others I found many people had billing problems with them (even after the att merger too). Either way, last time I checked tmobile was a bit bigger than a "bit player" here (and in Europe).
Further things you should make note of, I think ballmer is a fool, I'm very aware of the wireless standards in "these united states", the att lock-in had less to do with att's gsm network and more to do with apple having control and getting crazy profit sharing deal, Microsoft is actually listening to their consumers more then they used too (and seeming more then apple currently) whether you want to admit it or not and Apple Inc isn't Apple Computer anymore as my list of consumer ignoring epic fails points out.

Next time you might want to enlighten yourself as to why I hold a view before you assume you know what I'm thinking and offer a counter point (as most of your assumptions were wrong).
Your of course entitled to your opinion as well, but that doesn't change the fact that my tmobile phone works almost all places I go (of have been), apple still isn't building the things/features customers are asking for and microsoft, by some freak act of nature seems to be building what's asked for by customers.

Joe Reilly
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> Well after apples more recent Epic Fail track record I have no faith in any of their current or rumored product lines! Iphone locked to att? Epic Fail! ...

ROTLMAO! That post just shows how clueless you are. The reason that, in
these United States, that the iPhone is locked to AT&T is because AT&T
is the ONLY major GSM provider here! T-Mobile is a bit player with very
poor coverage; Verizon is using CDMA that is incompatible with the
universal world GSM standard. If Apple had gone with Verizon, the iPhone
would not have worked (or been available) in just about any other country.

The rest of your anti-Apple diatribe is not even worth responding to as
you have bought the Gates/Ballmer Big Lie.

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