[NTLK] Virutal Box and NCU

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Jul 11 12:28:20 EDT 2010

I am using 3.2.6 and it is working well in many respects...the only
problem I have had so far is the USB with some devices.  Printers, and
now this serial port.  I hope they get this fixed soon.  It does seem to
be the one major issue with Virtual Box (and not only for windows hosts
but also Linux).


On 7/10/2010 10:55 PM, Leo Titus LeBron V wrote:
>   No, I have never had success with anything above Xp for NCU. XP mode 
> in windows 7 never worked, neither have older versions of VPC, which XP 
> mode is based on. Virtualbox is just terrible at handing anything with 
> USB. But that might have changed with 3.2.x and the re branding. NCU is 
> one of the sole reasons I went back to XP on my 64 bit laptop. The other 
> being the Quicktake 150 software. Someone needs to write at the bare 
> minimum a native 32 bit NCU clone, like NCX on OS X. I would love to see 
> a 64 bit native version as well, to take advantage of a higher 
> instruction set. Oh well, I can't do it. I don't know enough 
> programming, just some python and basic.

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