[NTLK] Virutal Box and NCU

Martin Gomez mmgomez at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 15:15:38 EDT 2010

I strongly disagree with the views expressed here.
An application is worth what the programmer (or company) that made it wants,
and you have the freedom to not buying it.
True, an iPhone App costs $10. So, go get an iPhone and do not disrespect
the hard work of others.
Windows 7 Upgrade costs $200. And you can't sync your newton with it.

You can't compare apples with bananas, everybody can write an iPhone app,
it's full of documentation, it's full of tutorials, it's full of samples
that you can even compile and sell as your own.

Better than venting about NCT, contact the developer and ask him "hey, your
program is cool, but i have 11 newtons, can you give me a special discount

Just my 2 cents, i hope nobody's feelings got hurt.


If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the
process of putting them in.

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