[NTLK] Trusted Ink Vendor

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Mon Mar 1 14:53:24 EST 2010

>> I finally found a cheap StyleWriter 2200 for use with my eMate and  
>> MPs.

>If I remember correctly many of the StyleWriter printers were not much  
>more than a rebranded Canon printers. I used to have a StyleWriter  
>1200 that used Canon's BC-02 cartridge. Some quick googling says you  
>can use the Canon BCI-21 for black, but I also saw one or two places  
>list the BCI-10. I don't know if they're interchangeable so you will  
>have to so some more research. Someone else on the list might be able  
>to chime in and give a definite answer.

I have a note that says the Color StyleWriter 2400 uses Canon BCI-21 (black)...and I'm pretty sure the 2200 uses BC-02 (black). Sadly I'm not at home to check this firsthand and won't be for a while.


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