[NTLK] Weird Firefox behavior: Please do a test for me

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Jun 23 17:42:46 EDT 2011

Hi folks,

Could you please go to


with Firefox and select the text in the second line (as if you wanted to
copy it to the clipboard)?

I'm using FireFox 4.0.1 on a PC running Windows XP. On my computer this
browser uses 50% of the CPU time for as long as the text is selected. If I
unselect it, it uses next to 0%. The longer the page is, the more CPU time
is used when this line is selected. 
What a very weird problem. This doesn't happen with IE, Opera or Chrome.

If you are using Firefox, could you please test this for me and let me know
the outcome off-list? I'd also need to know which FireFox version you used
and under which OS.

Thanks a lot


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