[NTLK] John Sculley: The Newton was two decades ahead of its time

Norman Keen normankeen at clara.co.uk
Thu May 24 13:24:20 EDT 2012

I just picked up on this interview with John Sculley, which starts:
Former Apple CEO John Sculley: the future of our health is in the cloud
The Newton was two decades ahead of its time, says the former Apple chief executive – and the future of healthcare will be driven by cloud computing 

It even has a link to the knowledge Navigator video! 

I'm a long time ‘lurker’ (from London, UK) on Newtontalk, and this is my first email to the group.
In the early days, I used to read Pen Computing magazine, and David MacNeill on the Newton. You can see his Newton Notes Archives at http://www.pencomputing.com/Newton/
I’ve used a Newton since 1993, and only gave up using my 2000 last November, when I bought an iPhone 4S - this still doesn’t do some things as well as the Newton (apart from HWR), for example, the ‘Spotlight’ type search function will not pick up words everywhere in the device!  My Newton is still has a lot of my 'history' on it, and I go back to it from time to time to check things out.  I also like occasionally to take it into one of the Apple stores, and show it to the staff, most of whom have never seen one -they generally were still at school when Apple stopped making the Newton.

Apologies if you’ve all picked this up already 

Norman Keen

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