[NTLK] Orlando poutine? (was: Montreal Poutine Week)

Lord Groundhog lordgroundhog at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 10:43:48 EST 2013

~~~ On 2013/02/02 11:38, Forrest at newtonphoenix at mindspring.com wrote ~~~

> Is this the Canadian plan for World Dominance?

You've caught them, Forrest.  Canadian plans for world domination through
poutine -- plainly that's right up there with Danish plans for world
domination through Lego and bacon.

M-m-m-m-m-m ...bacon!  :-d  Add an amazing toy like Lego to bacon, and it's
going to be a hard choice.  Maybe they could get together and form a new
country.   How about calling it "Denada"? Hmmmm, it's like "de nada", the
standard Spanish for "you're welcome".  Captures the essence of all the nice
people I know from both countries.

"Canmark" wouldn't be as nice -- sounds too much like some kind of spam.



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*The Destruction Of Life As We Know It*
    might not be as relevant to Newtons
        as poutine.
               -- Lord Groundhog

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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