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Sat Jun 20 15:04:14 EDT 2020

> Frank, do you use the Eneloop Pro batteries? I just have the standard
> Eneloops: 1900mAh 2100 recharge cycles. While the Pros are 2400-2500mAh 
> (33% greater), they only last 500 recharge cycles (75% less), but cost
> To me it seems the Eneloop Standard batteries are more value for the
> but does the Newton MP2100 run better and longer with Eneloop Pros?

It doesn't run better. But it certainly runs longer. And, to be honest, 500
recharge cycles is still quite a lot. Especially considering that the cells
won't be dead after that. They'd probably be still better than the standard
Eneloop cells when those are new.

The main reason I've started using the Pro cells, though, is because I
wanted to know how they live up to what they promise. But I won't use them
für battery rebuilds for the time being, since the last batch I bought
contained one cell that was so poorly spot-welded that the battery pack made
problems in two of the five Newtons I tested it in. Good thing that I'm so
paranoid. The sheer manufacturing tolerances of the Newtons' cases
controlled whether the poor spot-weld caused a problem or not. Good thing I
tested this pack with the second Newton. In the first one it passed all test
cycles without a hitch.

I've never had any spot-weld problem with any of the other cell brands I've
ever used in the past. So for the time being I'll revert to standard Eneloop
cells for my rebuilds.



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