Re: [NTLK] [ot] convincing arg against MS OS

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 00:35:15 EDT

> I have used XP. Here is why I prefer Mac OS X.
> 1) I have less downtime. My roommate, who runs XP,
> has about 4-5 hours
> of time every week when he is trying to fix computer
> problems. I usually
> have 0-1 hours per week.
I maintain several thousand servers. NT4.0 and 2000
that see heavy use. Rarely do I need to boot any of
them! I also run my own machines at home (98, 98se,
2000, XP and a .net server) and in the past 80 days,
on any of my machines (just ran uptime /s on them)
none has had less than 99.5% uptime. If your room mate
needs to have 4-5 hours of down time, then he's doing
something really, really wrong!
> 2) Better bundled apps. iMovie and iTunes blow away
> MovieMaker and
> Windows Media.
Bundled apps aren't worth the price you pay for
them...I never use them and always rely on
professional choice apps.
> 3) Choice. None of the applications that come with
> my computer/OS are
> tied to the OS. I can drag the icon to the trash,
> and use any program I
> want.
Sure, dragging the icon to the trash is easy...any OS
can do it (with a GUI), but if you don't properly
uninstall an applicaiton on a Mac, you run the risk of
corrupting preferences. I suggest that you use an
uninstaller if you want to remove applications from
any OS!
> 4) Compatibility. I am a double major. For
> journalism at school, I need
> a Mac. For political science, I need a PC. The
> solution? Virtual PC
> running on the Mac. You just can't do it the other
> way.
Granted, I can't run OS 8 to X, but with Basilisk and
VMware, I am running Win2k, Linux win98se, WinME and
Mac OS7.5.5 Ain't no big thing! Oh! and I run them all
at the same time! (not all the time mind you, I only
have 6gb RAM on this machine...)
> 5) Lastly, I am a writer and a graphic designer. The
> Mac OS is a much
> more pleasing environment for doing my work without
> getting in the way.
Hmmm, well, considering that Photoshop's interface and
operating environment are exactly the same on Mac and
Wintel, you shouldn't have too much of a need to drop
to the OS level! If you don't like the environment,
then you always have Window Blinds and you can put up
an Aqua motif if you want! Heck, even Apple says, All
Mac X is, is a GUI for BSD! If it's a GUI you want,
then heck, you can use any platform...
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