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>> What's it called when Apple charges TOP dollar for their products and
>> then drops them like hot potatoes?
>> (NEWTON, Clones, various chips and software)
> What's it called? REALITY. Ever hear of it? You don't think EVERY
> OTHER COMPANY does that too? Wake up and smell the coffee.
> Re: TOP Dollar: Hello, Troll!
> Anyone who's awake (or at least has bothered to Check The Facts knows that
> this is a myth. $ for $, Apple products are usually cheaper in total cost
> of ownership than competitors. You may pay more up front, but you pay
> less in the long run. Don't believe it? Try the PC world for a while.
> You'll be back. Grayer and poorer and with an ulcer.
> Newton: Wasn't making money, had to go, I hate it too, but that's
> business. I applaud Mr. Jobs for having the cojones to make the tough
> choices.
> Clones: Apple didn't make them, Mr. Troll. And they were stealing market
> share FROM Apple instead of expanding the market into other areas as they'
> d hoped. Had to go. Otherwise you wouldn't have an Apple to complain
> about.
> Chips and software: Can you be more specific? Otherwise.....we'll just
> assume you're moaning because you occasionally have to buy new stuff.
> Don't like it? No one's forcing you to buy it, nor does it make your
> existing computer less useful all of a sudden.
>> Is that called $erving $atisfied citizen$ ???
> If it's the difference between staying in business and not: YES.
>> I've got 3 older mac$ and one mac clone...none can run O$X...they are in
>> the clo$et...
> First: Why do they have to run OS X? Does not being able to run OS X
> suddenly make them useless? Macs have a far longer useful life than PCs,
> but even PCs can be useful a long time, for the right user. Give 'em to
> friends, family, your grandma, etc, who don't have computers. (the Macs,
> not the PC's. Friends don't let friends drive PCs). Donate 'em. Etc.
> I was quite happy with OS9 on my PowerBook G3 from 1998, but upgraded
> because I wanted to learn more about Unix, etc. Not because I needed to.
> I didn't bother for over a year after it was released, but finally did
> about a month ago. Most of my existing old non-firewire and non-usb
> stuff works just fine, except for the floppy drive (for which there is a
> 3rd party driver) and the SCSI CD-R drive (which is SUPPOSED to work with
> Toast, but doesn't for some reason; may not be Apple or Roxio's fault -
> could be the drive, I had't used it in quite a while anyway....and I haven'
> t tried it under OS 10.1.5 yet. Apple's been adding support for older
> hardware consistently. My CF memory card in my PCMCIA adapter started
> working again along about 10.1.3 or 10.1.4, for example. And my third
> party USB and Firewire cards (not made by Apple) work dandy too.
> Second: They must be pretty old Macs if the won't run OSX. Made in 1998
> or earlier. You didn't mention that part, did you? I wonder why? My
> FIVE YEAR OLD Apple Laptop runs OS X just fine. (How many PC users here
> are using 5 year old machines as their primary machine? Or at all?)
> One thing Apple may have done wrong over the years was support computers
> from 10+ years before in their OSes. It didn't help them sales-wise. And
> after all, Apple is in business to sell computers. Hell, I've got Macs
> built 10 years ago that can run OS9. Got any PC's build FIVE years ago
> that can run an equivalently current PC OS? Much less 10 years old? I
> think Apple's finally borrowing from Microsoft's book for a change here.
> Sure, we'd all like our Mac Pluses from 1984 to run OS X. Realistically.
> ...NOPE!
> Apple has finally wised up, and I'm happy to see it. I don't think buying
> a new Mac every 5 years or so *IF* you want to keep up with the latest and
> greatest is too much to ask. Many, many folks buy new CARS more often
> than that. It's not like Apple's forcing you to do it, either.
> I may buy a PowerBook G4, but frankly, I'm waiting to see what 10.2
> (Jaguar) will provide me before I spend the bucks. It may not be
> necessary.
>> gue$$ it$ time to $pend more money on a new Apple and hope
>> that $teven Job$ doe$n't di$continue it for another few month$
>> I'm $o happy that Apple is really about $erving the Cu$tomer
> Oh please. If more self-proclaimed "loyal Mac owners" DID spend more
> money on Apple products more often, perhaps they WOULDN'T have to cut the
> fat occasionally. Instead, you want to have your cake and eat it too.
> "Please, Mr jobs, make my 5+ year old computer run the latest OS without
> me having to spend any more $$$". Well, we've what ACTUALLY DOING THAT
> has gotten Apple's market share. They've finally woken up to realize that
> they have to SELL PRODUCT in order to stay around and provide us with good
> product. (Wherease Micro$haft only stays around to sell us product, and
> don't care about the quality of it.)
> Don't like it? Don't let the door (or Window) hit you in the ass on your
> way out. And have fun crashing under Windows or figuring out how to get
> your latest Linux kernel to compile.
> It's been my experience that Apple has been among the best companies at
> return on investment, product lifetime, and total cost of ownership. Your
> complaintes are bogus and deserve being slapped down.
> - Bill


What more can I say? You said it more eloquently than I could ever have


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