[NTLK] Contrast problems update

From: Steven Frank (stevenf_at_panic.com)
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 15:44:54 EST

I took the back off my 2100, disconnected the display ribbon cable from
where it connects to the motherboard, swabbed it with some alcohol, and
then reassembled everything. Still have weird jumpy contrast when
adjusting the contrast slider. When I release the contrast slider, it
sometimes jumps a few shades lighter. When I close the Extras drawer,
it sometimes jumps a few shades DARKER. It also occasionally behaves
like it has the dreaded "jaggies" (random gaps or jumps in drawn lines;
thinking I clicked a few millimeters above where I clicked), but very


Does the ribbon cable have a similar, cleanable connection on the other
end, or does it go directly into the LCD assembly?

Is the problem more likely with the screen itself than the cable?

If so, can I theoretically take the working screen from my 2000 and swap

Thanks all,


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