[NTLK] Basilisk/File Types

From: speedy2 (speedy2_at_dag.net)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 06:58:58 EST

Hello all.

Sorry of this has been asked/answered before...

I just setup Basilisk on Win2000 and got my Newton to sync with it. Now I
want to install packages from the Basilisk/Mac side, but I'm having a few

I'm sharing a drive on my Win2000 machine via the "My Computer" setting
and it appears on the emulated Mac fine. However, after NCU connects with
the Newton, when I'm browsing the folder via NCU, it won't show any files,
even if they have a .PKG extension. Suggestions?

I also tried copying the file from the PC drive to my Desktop, but NCU
still doesn't recognize the files.


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