Re: [NTLK] [OT] Guess what I found (hint: Magic Cap)

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 00:54:16 EST

At one time, I had the Sony PIC1000 and the Motorola
Envoy 100. I traded in the Envoy 100 for the 110. This
one had the reflective LCD which made it much easier
to see.
I liquidated my magic cap stuff years ago accidently
when a errant box of "junk" somehow made it's way to
the curb early one trash day morning. My wife says it
was an accident, and oh well, not as if I was actually
using the stuff, and I don't miss it!
I agree with you, the Magic Cap really needs to be on
a handheld to be appreciated...but that's kinda the
way it is with all the good handheld GUIs! One of my
favorites is the IBM Simon. Now that's a device I wish
I had kept!
web/gadget guru

> In a previous message, Ed Kummel typed vigorously:
> >I remember quite a while ago, someone on this list
> had
> >asked about the Magic Cap application for windows.
> Hey Ed, do you have any handhelds that run Magic
> Cap? I have both a Sony
> Magic Link and a Motorola Envoy. I know the
> Window-based emulator is
> cool, but you really need to use a Magic Cap
> handheld to appreciate the
> sophistication of the OS. Susan Kare (who designed
> most of the iconic
> user interface for the original Mac) did a fabulous
> job to "understand
> the everyman" and how he (she) would use and
> interact with the device. It
> really is very cool.
> g.

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